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Thornton Past & Present

Located near the Mile High City of Denver, Thornton is a Colorado city that's also experiencing a Rocky Mountain High. With a population nearing 135,000 residents, it's seen an increase of more than 50 percent since 2000. Thornton is a Colorado city that not only offers great options for families looking to settle down, but for retirees and others as well.


Thornton Schools, Parks & Recreation

Containing almost 100 parks that have more than 2,000 acres of wide-open spaces, Thornton is a city that places a strong emphasis on outdoor recreation. For retirees as well as other residents, golf is a popular pastime. Because of this, many people find themselves searching for birdies and eagles on Thorncreek Golf Club, one of the most popular courses in Colorado. For other residents, hiking and biking is a favorite activity on the numerous trails located in the city, leading the city to rank high on many lists when it comes to healthy and happy living.

With so many new families in the area, Thornton's school system finds itself in the midst of tremendous growth. As a result, several charter schools such as Stargate School and New America School are seeing record enrollments. But for those parents who prefer local public schools, the city's system is excellent. Whether it's Vantage Point High School, Horizon High School, or other elementary and middle schools, there's no doubt Thornton is a great place for your kids.

Along with getting outside for a game of golf or a walk through a park, Thornton has many shopping venues for residents to enjoy. For example, Larkridge Mall and Thorncreek Crossing Shopping Center let customers shop at nationally-known retailers or at local shops, where they can find items unique to the area.


Thornton Real Estate

Having such a surge in population, Thornton is also in the midst of a boom in new-home construction, with many subdivisions featuring luxurious single-family homes currently being built throughout the city. Along with these dwellings, a variety of affordable condominiums and townhouses are also spread throughout the city, making this the perfect home for retired couples. 

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